Danube Delta Fish

It is known that the Danube Delta fish are an important source of food for birds and aquatic mammals, but it is also an economic and touristic resource, thousands of tourists coming to the delta yearly for this popular activity. There are 133 species in the delta, of which 44 species live only in freshwater, 58 in saltwater and 31 in both.  In this article, we will show you some of the most popular Danube Delta fish and where you can find it.

Danube Delta Fish

In the freshwaters, we can easily find the following fish: the zander, the crucian carp, the pickerel, the tench, the catfish, the carp, the rapacious carp, the bass.


In the salt waters of the Black Sea, we have the turbot, the sprat, the anchovy, the saurel. A small species of sharks named Squalus can be seen at the Danube’s mouth.


Fish that are not pretentious to the water they live in are: the sturgeon, the Russian sturgeon, the starlet, the mackerel and the plaice.


Migratory species

  • Some Danube Delta fish migrate in order to lay their eggs. Species that normally live in the Black Sea, travel in banks up to the Danube’s springs, during the breeding period. Such species are: the pontic shad, the blue mackerel, the sturgeon, the Russian sturgeon, the starlet, the mackerel and the pontic salmon.
  • Freshwater species migrate as well in the breeding period, but on shorter distance and only in habitual areas.
  • Six species of fish have been introduced artificially in the Danube Delta between 1920 and 1961. Some of these fish are: the silver carp, the sun perch, the bighead carp, the female corner and a small bass.

Therefore, if you are a passionate fisher or you practice this activity only as a relaxing hobby, a trip to the Danube Delta will be just the perfect way to harness this pleasure. Fishing is restricted only during the prohibition period that lasts 60 days in the Danube Delta and 90 days in the complex Razim-Sinoe. Fishermen start their activity usually in the morning or evening, always travelling by boat. You can find more about the main areas for fishing in Danube Delta here.