We celebrate The Day of traditional Romanian Blouse (Ie)

On June 24, 2020, Romanians all over the world celebrate the Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse, a celebration of the traditional blouse called “Ie”.

All-Inclusive Package in Danube Delta
for an unforgettable vacation

An all-inclusive package in Danube Delta is the perfect opportunity to relax outdoors with organized boat trips in Delta, alongside your loved ones.

Danube Delta birds
offer a sublime performance as the main attraction!

Danube Delta birds delight tourists every time with their grandiose and sublime performance which is why they are the main attraction for tourists.

The most beautiful holiday destinations in Danube Delta

The holiday destinations in Danube Delta will be a unique experience due to the ethnic and cultural mix, which is unique in Romania

Ecological boat trips with the only
solar catamaran from Danube Delta

Boat trips in Danube Delta in 2020 are the perfect opportunity to relax in the middle of nature and escape from the urban environment. As the president of the Danube Delta Association, Cătălin Țibuleac, says, “The Danube Delta is one …

Danube Delta gastronomy and fish culinary delicacies delight tourists every time

Each trip to Danube Delta with Verada Tour is enriched by the traditional fish lunch. Whether it is fish borscht or fried fish with polenta and garlic paste, tourists are always delighted by the culinary delicacies of fish. Thus, Danube …