Tourist Safety Rules Aboard Boats

To avoid any unpleasant events during trips on the water, all passengers aboard the boat must know some rules of preventive behavior:

During the trip, passengers are obliged to listen and respect the orders and the boat driver.

  • Come down and climb slowly of the boat, without haste, after the ship was insured and you receive permission from the boat driver
  • Constantly Supervise children and make sure that the rescue equipment is used properly.
  • During the trip do not throw overboard objects that could pose a threat to the boat security
  • Do not lean over the edge of the boat and do not stand up, because of the danger of destabilization or to fall into the water.
  • Throughout the travel, wearing lifejackets is compulsory.
  • It is forbidden to throw, pour in water to any object, substance or scrap.
  • The unauthorized persons access  at the boat command is prohibited.
  • Drunk people will not be accepted onboard.
  • Fix or cover items that could be carried by the wind during the march.