Spring in the Danube Delta

It finally happened. Spring has finally returned to the Danube Delta. The sun is warmer, the snow is melting, the animal world comes back to life and soon the landscape will be so colourful that you will feel you’re in a fairyland. I’m sure you’ve heard wonderful tales about this beautiful land or you’ve seen some majestic pictures. But did you know that every season brings different spectacles with different decors making them unique? That is why I want to tell you why spring in the Danube Delta is so amazing and what memorable sights you will encounter.

Spring in the Danube Delta

Spring in the Danube Delta

Many believe that spring is the most spectacular season of the year because nature comes back to life in all its might. As early as March, the vegetation carpets the shores with grass and spring flowers, while leaves cover the trees.

By April we have a yellow spectacle with the flowering of the grey sallow followed almost immediately by the flowering of pond-irises. Also, the first aquatic plants begin to appear.

In May, everything is green, the reed and the rush are growing, the pond-lilies are already blooming and the banks are full of spring flowers.

Spring in the Danube Delta

Spring in the Danube Delta – A unique experience

You can hear once more the enchanting singing of birds coming back from the Mediterranean (gulls), African lands (storks) or Ethiopia (pelicans). Birdwatchers will be in heaven if they choose to come during the spring in the Danube Delta. The red-breasted goose, the greater white-fronted goose, the nordic rates and other bird species return to their nest in the north after they’ve spent the winter in the delta.

Let’s not forget that spring is the mating season, a wonderful opportunity for tourists to witness beautiful mating rituals. The most spectacular rituals, with songs and mating dances, are those of cormorants, pelicans and egrets. The Danube Delta is recognized for the large number of common pelicans living in this part of Europe – nearly 95%. Therefore if you are a fan of birds, you won’t be disappointed.

Another reason why spring the Danube Delta in so astonishing is the bird feathering. According to specialists, during this period, the male birds have the most spectacular plumage. More than 2.000 species of birds migrate during the spring in the Danube Delta, so you’ll have plenty of pictures! The amazing part is that every day will be different than the previous one due to bird migration. Every day you will see new birds, new colours and new rituals.

Spring in the Danube Delta

Why spring in the Danube Delta is perfect

If you come during the spring in the Danube Delta, you will have the opportunity to go along on all the channels. Why? Because the delta is flooded by the Danube, reaching a flow of 16,000 cubic meters per second. Thus, in April and May the shores disappear, and the delta turns into a sea of water where you see, from place to place, small islands with villages. The spectacle is even more astonishing with giant fish coming to shallow waters to lay their eggs, and the flooded forests full of life. This is special because later on, during the summer, when the waters retreat, many tourists have to give up visiting routes that have become impracticable.

Spring is the best season for visiting Letea forest. Green oaks and plants, the first spring flowers and plenty of brightly coloured orchids appear. I know, mosquitoes are so annoying that a dream trip in the Danube Delta can immediately turn into a nightmare. But if you visit the delta in spring, you don’t have to worry about that. Mosquitoes and other annoying bugs don’t come to life so early.

Spring in the Danube Delta is so peaceful! You can enjoy a boat ride on the channels, through the morning mist without a fisherman in sight due to the prohibition. Be careful though.  Even if you hear on the weather forecast that it will be a beautiful, sunny day, spring mornings are quite cold in the delta. Remember to take with you warm and waterproof clothes. Here is a list of the amazing tours we can offer you. Book the one that meets your expectations. We will be waiting for you!