Best time to visit the Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is a special and unique place in Europe that enchants us with natural wonders and local traditions. We like to say that the delta is fascinating throughout the year, but it is said that there is a special time when nature offers its most spectacular views due to the changes that transpire. Because every tourist has different hopes and expectations when embarking on a trip, we will present to you the wildlife during spring and summer and after reading this article, you will be able to decide which is the best time to visit the Danube Delta for you.


best time to visit the Danube Delta

If you are passionate about nature, adventurous and eager for knowledge in a quiet environment, the best time to visit the Danube Delta for you is in spring. In April and May, nature comes back to life, recovering its beautiful colours. Because there are fewer boats, the silence and lack of agitations on the channels makes the travel easier and enhances the tourists’ comfort. All the trees and the shrubs begin to sprout and leaf out. The first aquatic plants such as water lilies, irises and pond snowdrops appear, reed and rush begin to grow and in Letea and Caraorman forests you can see lilies and orchids.

Another reason to visit the Danube Delta during the spring is the birds’ migration. They return from a warmer climate and nest in the delta. Thousands of species migrate this time of year and start their mating rituals with rolls, noises and distinctive dances. Specialists also say that during this period, the males have the most spectacular coat.

In order to see all these amazing scenes, we have to go on water. Luckily during the spring, the delta floods and the Danube reaches around cubic meters per second. Large waters facilitate the travel on all channels and the tourists are not limited by the water’s level when choosing the route. During the summer and autumn, some places are not accessible due to low water level and some areas dry up.

If you don’t stand the heat and the mosquitos, during this time you won’t have a problem. The sun is shy and the mosquitos are lazy. Also, the prices for accommodations and trips are lower during this time. For even lower prices, it is best to travel in groups of at least four people.


best places to visit in the Danube Delta

Of course, summer has its own charms. It is for those who love the sun and the characteristic bustle of summer. For families with children because the temperatures are appropriate for the little ones and for those who want to add a few days of relaxation on the beaches of Sf. Gheorghe and Sulina.

The main advantage of summer is that the marvellous scenery that starts to appear during the spring is now “complete”. You can participate in numerous festivals, contests, celebrations, expositions and holidays which make this season livelier. Furthermore, in June the prohibition period expires and those who love fishing can enjoy a perfect time.

Now you know the advantages of these two beautiful seasons and you can choose for yourself the best time to visit the Danube Delta according to your desires. No matter when, we are at your disposal and we are convinced that your options and our services will intertwine, creating a special touristic program that will satisfy your every need. Here is a list of top 5 Danube Delta trips you should experience when visiting.